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CEOs, Lawmakers Sound Alarm on Heightened Canadian Rail Protests

Published: 2020-02-12T21:45:00Z 

"A rail disruption of this magnitude constitutes an emergency for the Canadian economy." Political Minefield. Canada's oil and gas industry has been ...

NATO moves to expand Canadian -led military training mission in Iraq

Published: 2020-02-12T19:04:42Z 

NATO defence ministers agreed today to expand the Canadian-led military ... over corruption and Iranian influence within the Baghdad government.

Canada to host Lima Group

Published: 2020-02-12T18:00:00Z 

Canada is calling a meeting of its Lima Group partners next week to try to build ... While that political change may appear stalled, Rowswell said the ...

Canadians divided over Teck mine: Angus Reid survey

Published: 2020-02-12T17:40:31Z 

Canadians divided over Teck mine: Angus Reid survey ... The federal government is expected to make a decision on the project at the end of February. ... In British Columbia and Alberta, news of the project has been followed closely ...

In their own words: Journalists, politicians react to Christie Blatchford's death

Published: 2020-02-12T16:30:00Z 

Veteran newspaper columnist Christie Blatchford, whose fiery polemics framed Canadian news for five decades, has died at 68. Word of her death ...

USD/CAD - Canadian Dollar Scratches Higher

Published: 2020-02-12T15:11:15Z 

The Canadian dollar got a lift from a shift in global risk sentiment, which turned ... The news supported the view of Chinese epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan ... negative sentiment stemming from the latest German political uncertainty, ...

David Staples: Chaos has come to Canada under Trudeau — and it could quickly get much worse

Published: 2020-02-12T15:00:00Z 

In Alberta, in the most important political decision since the bungled, much-delayed and hugely expensive TMX fiasco, Trudeau must now make the ...

Businesses band together for consistent climate policy

Published: 2020-02-12T13:52:30Z 

The launch of the coalition, named Canadian Business for Climate Policy, was announced this week at the Globe 2020 business conference in ...

Trudeau cabinet ministers get special hacker hotline to report suspected breaches

Published: 2020-02-12T09:00:00Z 

Officials at the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security set up the ... seriously the government takes the prospect of a cyberattack on cabinet members.

Canada's UN Security Council bid overlooks the pitfalls of influence

Published: 2020-02-12T09:00:00Z 

"You have to take a stand on some policy decisions that, as a non-member, you don't have to," she told CBC News. The Conservative Party leader, ...

Canadian banks to take on volatility

Published: 2020-02-12T08:03:45Z 

... political events and trade wars are forcing Canadian investors to retreat to their ... Not only do leading Canadian lenders enjoy a favourable banking ...

Foreign troop deployment at traditionally low levels in Africa amid Security Council campaign

Published: 2020-02-12T04:52:30Z 

At the beginning of 2019, Canada had 427 members of the Canadian ... "We don't know exactly what the Canadian government wants to do with the ...

Leslyn Lewis officially enters Conservative leadership race

Published: 2020-02-12T01:18:45Z 

The protests have effectively paralyzed Canada's infrastructure. ... remaining barriers to the construction of the Trans Mountain Pipeline is great news for Alberta. ... Moreover, many new Canadians have escaped political tyranny and ...

Why Justin Trudeau is already a failed PM

Published: 2020-02-09T21:08:57Z 

It's about the very real perception that Trudeau and his government are ... The Canadian News Media Association, for example, was paid $14.4 million ...