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Scamming your way into Canada is easy. The fix is easy too, if government is willing to act

Published: 2019-09-16T22:52:30Z 

Some Canadian employers and their employees conspire against the country's immigration program. "Paper jobs," like the one detailed by CBC after ...

Prairie industry suffers in Canada's biggest construction project

Published: 2019-09-16T21:00:00Z 

This automatically begs the question: why is this not news? The whole story revolves around steel, China, Canadian jobs, and the seeming lack of ...

GM strike could lead to thousands of job losses in Canadian auto industry

Published: 2019-09-16T19:18:45Z 

The United Auto Workers union's strike by nearly 50,000 members against General Motors Co. in the United States could lead to thousands of job ...

NDP leader to make campaign stop in Sudbury on Tuesday

Published: 2019-09-16T18:00:00Z 

The Sherbrooke riding is held by the NDP's Pierre-Luc Dusseault, who became the youngest MP in Canadian history when he won the seat in 2011, ...

Strike at General Motors in US may lead to Canadian auto job layoffs

Published: 2019-09-16T16:18:45Z 

The labour strike at General Motors in the U.S. could lead to thousands of layoffs in Canada as the ripple effects from the highly integrated auto ...

GM strike in US could threaten hundreds of Canadian jobs : Unifor's Dias

Published: 2019-09-16T15:56:15Z 

The General Motors Co. strike in the United States could impact hundreds of jobs in Canada, according to the head of the union representing the ...

Canadian Jobs Record Colossal Gains: Restaurant Stocks Could Explode

Published: 2019-09-16T12:00:00Z 

Canadian Jobs Record Colossal Gains: Restaurant Stocks Could Explode ... This spells good news for the likes of Restaurant Brands International ...

Inside the illegal immigration scheme targeting Atlantic Canada

Published: 2019-09-16T09:00:00Z 

It's a job-offer scheme that's become known as the "golden ticket" for ... CBC News posed as a Chinese couple in correspondence and phone calls ...