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West Vancouver owners paid $6.7 million in vacancy tax in 2018

Published: 2019-09-12T23:15:00Z 

In 2018, the tax was .5 per cent of the property's assessed value. ... According to data from the Canadian Housing Statistics Program analyzed by SFU ... "Our government will not rely on a propped up real estate market to manage the ...

Justin Trudeau Promises To Expand First Time Home Buyer Incentive

Published: 2019-09-12T21:45:00Z 

Jason Stephen, president of the Canadian Real Estate Association said this came ... This is some good news for first-time buyers that is long overdue.

Genworth MI Canada Inc. Announces Special Dividend

Published: 2019-09-12T21:00:00Z 

12, 2019 /CNW/ - Board of Directors of Genworth MI Canada Inc. (the ... Genworth Canada has supported the housing market by providing thought ...

Canadian realtors push for eased mortgage rules ahead of election

Published: 2019-09-12T20:37:30Z 

The stress test, made more stringent in 2018 to cool an overheated housing market, requires would-be borrowers to show they could still make ...

Trudeau takes aim at housing affordability with help for first-time buyers in Greater Victoria

Published: 2019-09-12T19:30:00Z 

The program provides Canadians with up to 10 per cent off the purchase ... Housing prices in Victoria, Vancouver, and Toronto are up to 60 per cent ...

BC speculation and vacancy tax helps ease housing crunch: finance minister

Published: 2019-09-12T18:04:25Z 

James said Thursday she is cautiously optimistic about easing prices in the ... are defined as those that earn most of their income outside of Canada.

New homes in Edmonton see largest price drop in Canada

Published: 2019-09-12T17:39:49Z 

New data released by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation ... "the oversupply of homes, combined with unfavourable market conditions, ...

Trudeau vows to help housing affordability with national tax on foreign buyers

Published: 2019-09-12T17:37:30Z 

Trudeau vows to help housing affordability with national tax on foreign ... through a shared-equity mortgage with the Canada Mortgage and Housing ... the high-priced housing markets of Victoria, Vancouver and the Toronto region.

Trudeau Liberals promise to expand first-time homebuyers program if elected

Published: 2019-09-12T16:51:02Z 

"We are sending a message that Canada is not a place for those who wish to speculate in the housing market," Trudeau told reporters. "I want to make ...

Liberals pledge to expand first-time home buyer incentive, new tax on foreign owners

Published: 2019-09-12T16:41:38Z 

... the Canadian market has had on driving up housing prices. Trudeau vowed that Canadians living abroad, and non-Canadians living in Canada will ...

Canada's Trudeau promises to tax foreign speculation in housing market if reelected

Published: 2019-09-12T16:32:17Z 

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada's ruling Liberals will introduce a 1% tax on non-resident non-Canadians to help prevent foreign speculation from driving ...

Liberal leader Trudeau makes campaign announcement on housing affordability

Published: 2019-09-12T15:56:15Z 

Liberal leader Trudeau makes campaign announcement on housing ... Liberal leader Justin Trudeau said on Thursday during a campaign housing ... housing incentives in Greater Vancouver and Greater Toronto Area markets, ... by "people who are not Canadian" and those who do not live in Canada.

Liberals promise to expand program for first-time homebuyers

Published: 2019-09-12T15:41:26Z 

Under the program, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation ... a tough housing market," Trudeau said during a campaign event in Victoria.

The Canadian Real Estate Association launches its Election 2019 REALTOR® Resource Hub

Published: 2019-09-12T15:11:15Z 

"Housing affordability is top of mind to Canadians who have been shut out of housing markets across the country. REALTORS® know that all real ...

Real estate boards call for federal candidates to support looser mortgage stress tests

Published: 2019-09-12T14:05:22Z 

Real estate boards across the country are calling on federal candidates in next ... to support loosening mortgage stress tests, making it easier for Canadians to ... The stress test also cooled overheated housing markets in Toronto and ...

Real Estate Brokers From Across Canada Urge Governments to Reduce Costs and Remove ...

Published: 2019-09-12T12:56:15Z 

QUEBEC CITY, Sept. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Real estate associations from Canada's largest real estate markets are calling on all levels of ...

Futures little changed as oil prices dip

Published: 2019-09-12T11:48:45Z 

Canada's new housing price index data for July is due at 8:30 a.m. ET. The Toronto Stock ... FOR CANADIAN MARKETS NEWS, CLICK ON CODES:.

2019 federal election platform tracker: Where the major parties stand so far

Published: 2019-09-10T17:26:53Z 

Implement a National Housing Strategy with the aim of eliminating ... Invest in the co-operative housing sector to boost the affordable housing market ... Canadians who can't find housing with seniors who could share their home.