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Canada halts Hong Kong consulate staff travel after UK case

Published: 2019-08-23T05:00:56Z 

Canada halts Hong Kong consulate staff travel after U.K. case ... The Canadian government also updated its travel advice for China on Thursday to ...

Canadian Consulate suspends travel to China for Hong Kong staff

Published: 2019-08-23T03:11:15Z 

The Canadian government updated its entry and exit guidance for China on its website to include the advisory on Thursday. China warned Ottawa not ...

Liberal party membership forms distributed at pro-Beijing rally against Hong Kong protests

Published: 2019-08-22T23:53:39Z 

... calling it more evidence of China's sway within Canadian politics generally. ... "The Liberal Party of Canada was not involved in the event … in any ...

Liberal party membership forms distributed at pro-Beijing rally against Hong Kong protests

Published: 2019-08-22T23:48:45Z 

Fung of Canada-Hong Kong Link said she sees the incident as more evidence of Beijing's attempts to involve itself in Canadian politics, an important ...

Singh says NDP wouldn't prop up Scheer minority government due to 'disgusting' gay marriage ...

Published: 2019-08-22T21:56:15Z 

"This is exactly why, if Canadians deliver a minority government in October, I will not prop up Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives. We can't trust Mr.

IBC Applauds Alberta Government Investment in Flood Mitigation

Published: 2019-08-22T21:33:45Z 

22, 2019 /CNW/ - Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) commends the Alberta government for providing new funding to help protect communities in ...

It's 'imperative' that Canada repatriate its detained ISIS fighters, says Pompeo

Published: 2019-08-22T20:47:25Z 

It's imperative that they do so," said Pompeo in an interview with CBC News Network's Power & Politics. "Each country needs to take responsibility for ...

Canadians ' message ahead of the election: make life more affordable

Published: 2019-08-22T20:37:30Z 

By Kelsey Johnson. OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canadians have a message for politicians appearing on their front stoops ahead of Canada's upcoming ...

Scientists call on Elections Canada to clarify policy on climate change advertising

Published: 2019-08-22T19:52:30Z 

WATCH ABOVE: Elections Canada says environmental groups can advertise about climate change during the federal election ...

Scientists say election rules on climate change messaging 'still problematic'

Published: 2019-08-22T19:03:57Z 

A group of Canadian scientists is calling on Elections Canada to provide further ... Perrault issued a statement on Tuesday after news broke this week that ... political parties, and not restricted by anyone, including Elections Canada.

Pompeo tells Trudeau US focusing on release of Canadians in China

Published: 2019-08-22T16:06:34Z 

China's arbitrary detention of the two Canadians was "fundamentally different ... The Chinese government has effectively told Canada to butt out, and that its ... according to an English transcript of a news conference published online.

Andrew Scheer said gay couples lack 'inherent' quality of marriage in video of 2005 speech ...

Published: 2019-08-22T15:48:10Z 

"It is absolutely unacceptable to have anyone in a leadership position in Canada's government who does not support human rights, including sexual ...

Average Ontario high school class sizes will be smaller than first anticipated

Published: 2019-08-22T14:34:10Z 

Ontario's Progressive Conservative government is filing regulations to limit the average size of a classroom to 22.5 students ... (The Canadian Press).

Pompeo rejects link between Meng case and Canadians detained by China

Published: 2019-08-22T14:12:45Z 

Pompeo also insisted Meng, who was detained by Canadian authorities at the ... That policy refers to the agreement under which Hong Kong, a former ...

PEI federal Liberals stop sliding support in opinion poll

Published: 2019-08-22T13:52:30Z 

Support for the curent Liberal government peaked at 67 per cent in April 2017. ... said Stephen Moore, vice president at MQO Research in a news release. ... Justin Trudeau has a 10 per cent lead as the preferred leader of Canada.

From the editor… SNC-Lavalin retreats from construction, but don't expect a bonanza

Published: 2019-08-22T13:07:30Z 

... Canadian political scandal, with the company and its legal troubles at the centre, have halved SNC-Lavalin's market value over the past few months.

Pompeo says Meng Wanzhou not a bargaining chip in US-China trade war

Published: 2019-08-22T12:46:36Z 

China has accused Canada of arresting Ms. Meng at the bidding of the U.S. as part of a politically motivated trade war. Ms. Meng's lawyers in her ...

Pompeo takes aim at China over diplomatic feud with Canada

Published: 2019-08-22T12:46:36Z 

At a news conference in Ottawa, Pompeo said China's arbitrary detention of the two ... Meng's future, Freeland said, would not be a political decision.

'You feel powerless': What it's like to be a Canadian youth in a time of climate change and job ...

Published: 2019-08-22T09:01:53Z 

The Star asked the leaders of Canada's major political parties to share the issues that move them deeply. Today in the first of a series, we look at the ...

Pompeo says US focused on helping secure release of 2 Canadians in China

Published: 2019-08-22T08:45:35Z 

Meng's future, she added, would not be a political decision. ... The Chinese government has effectively told Canada to butt out, and that its internal affairs ... according to an English transcript of a news conference published online.