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Meet the Canadians who helped the Americans land on the moon

Published: 2019-07-20T13:41:15Z 

"Gilruth couldn't find any American engineers who wanted to join NASA, but he knew these Canadian guys were all of a sudden out of a job and he ...

Government Invests In Canadian Food Innovators Network

Published: 2019-07-19T20:45:27Z 

Details: Category: Ag News: Published: Friday, 19 July 2019 15:38: Written ... weight and be a source of well-paying jobs across Canada," said Jim Carr, ... "The Canadian Food Innovators Network will bring exciting changes to a ... The government says Canadians will benefit from more Canadian food ...

New 3-year economic immigration pilot will fill labour shortages

Published: 2019-07-19T15:36:15Z 

Canada is launching an ambitious new three-year economic immigration pilot that will fill labour shortages, particularly in meat processing and ...