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The Government of Canada announces funding to support tourism in the Papineau RCM

Published: 2019-07-16T15:33:45Z 

It generates significant economic benefits across Canada and accounts for one in every ten jobs. This is why the Government of Canada is investing in ...

Driving academy boss recalls futile India school bid

Published: 2019-07-16T12:56:15Z 

Under the program, a foreign worker with a job offer in an in-demand occupation ... the president of Crossroads recalled in an interview with Truck News. ... as it didn't want foreigners to take what were considered Canadian jobs.

USD/CAD - Canadian Dollar Changes Direction

Published: 2019-07-16T12:00:00Z 

The Canadian dollar broke below minor support overnight, and the move shifted ... The Brexit fears overshadowed a stellar U.K. employment report.

Trump makes Buy America rules more restrictive, demanding 75% US components

Published: 2019-07-15T21:22:30Z 

U.S. policies which act as a barrier to Canadian businesses bidding on government ... "Today's news out of Washington is deeply concerning. ... agreed that the federal government must do more to protect Canadian jobs," Ford said.

Amazon workers in United States, Germany go on strike on Prime Day

Published: 2019-07-15T20:46:25Z 

"We are the people doing the job," Amazon worker Safiyo Mohamed told Global News. The 24-year-old has worked at the Shapokee, Minn. site for two ...

The Government of Canada announces a new investment to support tourism in the Laurentides ...

Published: 2019-07-15T17:02:59Z 

It contributes to sustainable growth and creates good jobs for middle-class ... This contribution from the Government of Canada will support tourism ...

Canadian Real Estate Sales Make A Small Gain, Weighed Down By Vancouver

Published: 2019-07-15T15:20:08Z 

Canadian real estate sales made a small increase from last year. ..... Ontario Loses Over 5,000 Real Estate Jobs, BC Hits New All-Time High ... has seen their numbers climb over the past few years, so the decline is welcome news.