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Canada suspends operations at embassy in Venezuela

Published: 2019-06-02T23:26:15Z 

Freeland says Ottawa is now evaluating the status of Venezuelan diplomats in Canada. The Canadian government has been a vocal critic of Maduro, ...

Canada closes its embassy in Venezuela

Published: 2019-06-02T22:00:53Z 

Canada will also be "evaluating the status" of Venezuelan diplomats to ... Venezuela is in the throes of a historic political and social crisis marked by ...

Conrad Black highlights Canada's underappreciated achievements

Published: 2019-06-02T17:15:00Z 

Canada has a unique political climate characterized by "pragmatic ... time when people get their political news and form their opinions on issues from ...

Huawei pushes ahead with rural internet strategy in Canada despite controversy

Published: 2019-06-02T11:03:45Z 

The Chinese company is pushing ahead with a strategy to enhance connectivity in rural and northern Canada, despite the political firestorm ...

PEI's presidential connection: Why an American politician hid his Island roots

Published: 2019-06-02T10:52:30Z 

"It would have been political suicide for him to admit his Canadian heritage, you couldn't ... "He threw them out, and said I have no Canadian relatives.

Liberals postpone policy update that could help SNC-Lavalin avoid ban from federal business

Published: 2019-06-01T15:22:30Z 

The federal government has postponed a long-awaited update to Canada's corporate-misconduct provisions, including changes that could help ...