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Ontario has some of the fastest appreciating secondary municipalities

Published: 2019-05-28T00:22:30Z 

Eight of the 10 fastest appreciating Canadian exurbs are in Ontario, ... seen their popularity increase amid consistently elevated prices in urban centres. ... A recent poll by residential mortgage insurer Genworth Canada (conducted in ...

Streetwise newsletter: What a Fiat Chrysler-Renault merger could mean for Canada

Published: 2019-05-27T23:15:00Z 

... behaviour that's fuelling a highly leveraged residential real estate market. Mr. Siddall is chief executive of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.

Canada could face new housing weakness in 2020: Economist

Published: 2019-05-27T19:41:15Z 

Canada should be prepared for another round of weakness in the housing market as early as next year, according to one Canadian economist.

Canadian Housing Is The Least Affordable In The World… For Local Incomes

Published: 2019-05-27T14:12:31Z 

Canadian home prices have been growing at a breakneck speed, and incomes aren't even close to keeping up. Organisation for Economic ...

Mortgage Professionals Discuss Mortgage Eligibility Rules Which Negatively Impact Housing ...

Published: 2019-05-27T12:56:15Z 

Mortgage Professionals Canada (MPC) will provide industry knowledge and ... a path forward for those Canadians struggling with the housing market.

Liberal MPs want Finance Minister Morneau to revisit mortgage stress test

Published: 2019-05-27T04:07:30Z 

Michael Bourque, chief executive officer of the Canadian Real Estate ... the stress test has had the biggest impact of any factor on the market, but he ...